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Executive Producer Harry Friedman talks to the folks from WOWT 6 News about growing up in Omaha, and his great success in television.

Clue Crew Notes From The Road: Searching for the best and brightest Jeopardy! contestants in Omaha

Over the weekend, I joined the contestant team in search of the best and brightest in Omaha! It was definitely a trip filled with adventure and memories, from the less convenient flight cancellations and extreme cold weather, to wonderful people and a very special guest!  Jeopardy!’s Executive Producer, Harry Friedman, hails from Omaha, Nebraska and dropped by to say hello and talk to the contestant applicants.  What a treat for us all!


No one warms up a group of Jeopardy! hopefuls better than producer Maggie Speak. With every bit of energy and enthusiasm, she explains the ins and outs of being a strong contestant and what to expect during the audition.


Funny to say, but as the weather warmed up, it began to snow!  Despite interrupted travel plans, it was a beautiful sight to see! We don’t get weather like that in Southern California, and there is nothing more fun than a dose of snow around the holidays!

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