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Kelly: The Clue Crew has visited countless gift shops over the years. We often like to do a little shopping, perhaps to add to Sarah’s magnet collection, grab a gift for Jimmy’s daughter or to discover a new ornament for my Christmas tree.

One of my favorite souvenirs to pick up is actually something very simple: Postcards. I have sent my family a postcard from every place I have traveled with Jeopardy!, and my parents keep a book of them all, just as my Grandma did when she was alive.


When we filmed at the USS Iowa, I had the pleasure of shooting clues with Alex. That means I had the pleasure of spending time with Renee and Sandy, the lovely team who make Alex look fantastic. We always have a great time on set. They are beautiful people, inside and out.

Nashville’s Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original in ancient Greece. As you’ll see in the category, they sell a small version as a keepsake for you to take home.


Alex and I enjoyed our day at The Getty Center in Los Angeles. We spend so much time traveling and enjoying the world’s sites that it’s nice to appreciate the wonderful places in our own backyard. At their gift shop, Alex opted for sunglasses to help ease the bright sun off the reflector board, and I was happy to grab a pair also. Sometimes it’s so bright, our eyes water as we try to avoid squinting. However, as I learned quickly in entertainment, good light is the key to good looks. ;)

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